Summer Fiesta | Unstitched Vol 03

BTW has launched its new unstitched range with a variety of summer prints and fabric that will soothe you in this hot weather. It has a range of clothes that hits the right trends and give the customers a wide variety to choose from.

The Unstitched Volume III Summer Collection by BTW brings a mesmerizing range of clothes with contemporary designs that are vibrant and full of color. This collection comprises digitally artistic designs and all the right hues to make a flawless style statement this season. The prints are visually appealing with a mix of colors that give a cool vibe on a hot summer day. They are perfect for every occasion and make you look as classy and chic as you can.

In this Summer Collection, BTW has used rich and deep hues and patterns that are pleasing to the eye. Playing with the tones of the colors, making sharp contrasts and gradients, the whole palette is a sight for sore eyes. Along with a stylish and trendy look, this palette gives a vibrant touch to your daily wardrobe. These clothes will definitely add some vivaciousness to your personality.

The fabric used is crafted to full perfection; giving a soft and smooth feel. Keeping it cool and breezy, the pure lawn fabric is a must-have this season. It is fully breathable, which is perfect for this weather, making it the fabric of choice for all occasions.